Payments for June started

I received my June payment on zksync :grin:

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I’m slowly loving ZKsync … got mine too

I got my L1 payment a few hours ago.

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I have the feeling it was again paid twice again:


This gets annoying :frowning:

level 1 payment. futhermore I feel like mi held back should have been paid back:

I had no payouts in may, but the june payout was only the amount of june. Is there something mixed up with the payout amounts?

Please file a support ticket with details such as your nodeID(s) and payout wallet address so we can assist you to verify your payouts.

I think it was my bad, I did not get paid last month - that is why it shows more and almost looks like double payments. My appologizes.

About the held back, I have no clue if it will be paid when it says 17 months or not. Havent made it that far yet. Lost all my nodes earlier prior.

I am fine waiting another month


Yeah, you’ll get it next month. This triggers the day your node is 15 full months old, which always happens some time during month 16. So it’s included in payout for month 16, which happens in month 17. You can see based on the first contact date that your node only turned 15 months old on July 5th. So yeah, it’ll be in the next payout.