Payout address change

Hi, just started a node couple days ago. I typed the keys to a safe place.
There is no information about how to withdraw earnings to ?
do I have to change in config.yaml ?
C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node

operator wallet address

operator.wallet: 0xa…
Do I have to change this address ? is this a storj address ?

You will need to choose a wallet that can hold your Storj coins / accept them…

Exodus seems to be a fairly easy one to setup.

However I would highly recommend looking into setting up ZKSync… much lower minimum payout

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Thank you for the answer,
I have changed, the


address in the config.yaml file, with my metamask address. then restarted the storage node service via powershell

Restart-Service storagenode

I believe there should be more clear instructions to setup a node.
By default I was mining to an address which I did not own.

Hello @baybil ,
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It’s not mining, the power of your hardware almost doesn’t matter, space and bandwidth are used by real people, not machines, thus no predictable income.

You can take a look on: How do I change values like wallet address or storage capacity? | Storj Docs

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