Payout configuration


I had some nodes a few month ago and I see that things has changed related to the payout.
I am setting up new nodes and I would like to be sure to do the right things:

  • I have a metamask address connected with zksync
  • I have a kraken account which does not accept erc20 tokens directly

I would like to be able to send my generated storj tokens to kraken passing by my metamask address. Is it possible with the lower fees promised by zkSync ?

Is there any other simpler solution than kraken to transfer in euros my storj tokens

Thank you


sorry to disappoint but the fees will not be lower

You ill have to pay anyway the L1 transfer costs to get it to kraken
If you will be transferring the token in L2 than yes much better but as there are no L2 exchanges

I personally use purely L1 and wait for the accumulation for L1 payout


So I can just set my kraken address in my docker config ?

Yes you can that is L1 transaction

I have that i do not store my Storj Long term but be aware that this isn’t recommended as if the exchange can get hacked you can loose your storj

as about L2 form reading around the forum, the fees are so low that you will get payed no mater what. though if you want to send it via L1 you will be paying that hefty fee

Thank you for that clear explanations !

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