Payout decreasing every month?

I am not working in the accounting department. There are some kind of reports that needs to be sent by a certain deadline.


@humbfig, He just loves this Company and especially the idea that stands behind it. I would say that He has a pretty deep knowledge about its operations in general, who knows, maybe even better then the CEO. Think about it in terms of a kid running the startup, virtually. Should have His own idea probably. He is not an asset, by any means. Do you really think He is, but honestly? :slight_smile:

Are you talking about God or something? You don’t have to capitalize the pronouns, you know?
What I think/believe is absolutely irrelevant. This is not about religion. If it were, I wouldn’t touch it because I have a condition (religion allergy).
I stated some facts about his participation in this forum that, the way I see it, makes him come across as an “undercover storjling”, like emotional reactions against whoever “attacks” other storjlings or attacks the company behaviour as a whole, including the company behaviour towards his peers(?), the node operators. Also, the authoring of the thread “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room”, which smoothly paved the way for what was coming.
You have an opportunity to make me understand his participation in this forum under a different light. I’m tough minded, not hard minded. But for that you have to delve into his participation in this forum. Sarcastic questions like “Do you really think He is, but honestly?” just won’t do it. Did you really think it would, but honestly?

Honestly, now, pls don’t take it personally, however, I have to admit that I do not understand what u r talking about, seriously.

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Dear @s-t-o-r-j-user, there aren’t many things I take personally. I usually play in the intelectual field. My ego is hardly ever at stake.

I find it odd that you don’t understand what I’m talking about. After all, you stated a few religious beliefs, like “He is not an asset, by any means”. One would think you knew what you were talking about…

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It seems to me that this post was the last straw in the appearance of that proposal. This question has been raised before:

There were talks for a long time (and later: Bandwidth payout for node more than price user pay for, how it possible), but after such a massive discussion, it became obvious to everyone that it was time to do something, it was impossible to delay an unpleasant decision any longer.
So I wouldn’t call this discussion as a warning, but more like a concern. And thanks to our Community, we were able to gently begin the process of finding a point of sustainability for the economic model.


@humbfig Yeah, it looks like you are into philosophy, not sure about the logic so basically, I am sustaining what I wrote before. :slight_smile:

Unless we have a language barrier, the meaning of the expression “elephant in the room” should be clear to us all. It looks like, unlike you, @BrightSilence thought the subject was getting no attention.
The subsidising of the network had been going on for years, the elephant was growing, but although storj had not yet run out of tokens, that post was, like you called it, the last straw in the appearance of that proposal. So, it also looks like @BrightSilence knew the schedule…

Well, that is not entirely untrue. It’s just that it was based on public information. If you look at the actual first post, there is a screenshot from the latest town hall, which talked about the “new economic model”. I had a feeling that meant the other shoe was going to drop soon, but Storj was being coy about what that meant for node operators. (Hence elephant in the room)
And because I knew many node operators (Including myself) invest in hardware, despite warnings from Storj to not do that, based in part on the predictions of my earnings estimator, I did feel some responsibility to warn other node operators about what might be coming. So I created the topic to discuss that among the community and added a warning to the estimator. I definitely preempted some official communications with that and forced the topic into the limelight before Storj decided to. I wasn’t at all convinced they’d be happy about that, but felt like it was the right thing to do.

For me it was the combination of knowing about the pricing being unsustainable long term and the sudden mention of a new economic model, without any details given, that prompted me to do my own calculations. Also because I needed to have an idea which investments would still be reasonable to make for myself. So yeah, I shared those calculations there to start a discussion and warn other node operators that current payout predictions may not be reliable long term.

Being a storjling, un undercover storjling or just a node operator seems to me pointless. No one forces anyone to lisen and make decisions based on someone else’s statements. Use your own judgement, and make decisions accordingly. If you are in doubt about someone’s intentions, you could call him out, but I believe this forum is not about calling names and making acusations, rather than discusing topics with arguments and counter arguments would be more productive and informative. Another thing… there is not much of a difference between a payed supporter and a super enthusiastique member: they both make the same points. If you are in doubt, just take their points with a grain of salt, no gains in tagging them or calling names.


Your explanation is fair enough for me…

yep, so simple…
I would totally agree with what you wrote if the forum was exclusively technical (if it were, we would not be having this discussion). But as you’ve noticed, there are a lot of important political discussions here. And in politics, knowing the others intentions is far more important than understanding their arguments.

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I think I am down about 20% this month (due to deletes mostly). How about the rest of you?

Same thing, roughly
It’s fine to me :slight_smile:

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it is not only a deletes, also egress is only 6$ per TB not 20$.


… I sold 200 tokens at 0.000001 BTC. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Don’t trade when you are ready to go to sleep.


Very strange… this month the price is pretty stable around payment day. Last few months there were always pumps and dumps…

Pumper-dumpers lost an interest maybe?

I just got $30 on l1 so no zksync era again

Hopefully next month

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