Payout decreasing every month?

I am a long time SNO, the feeling might be wrong but I have the impression that the reward is decreasing over time. And this, although, my nodes are all older than 15 months.

Other SNO long term contributors have similar experiences?

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I think so yes. Only a few dollars less tho, not like when the big reset comes down

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The Big Reset sounds very apocalyptic :wink:

what is the big reset? all test data deleted?

In the early stages in beta before any customers there was once a big reset where all test data was deleted. Doubtful that it’ll ever happen again.

Just that we are being overpaid for test data at the moment

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It’s a very slight decrease, but yes, I have noticed this. Fluctuations are to be expected though, so I’m not worried about it.

I think over the last few weeks 100GB+ per older node was deleted, so they are all sharing the Ingress, whereas they were full before and not able to accept new data.