Payout discrepancy on dashboard v1.11.1

Hey Everyone,

Is anyone having a difference between the number shown on the dashboard for Current Month Earnings and on the payout information page for Gross Total?

I believe they used to be the same number (or close) on earlier versions. matches current month earnings. My node got updated to v1.11.1 recently, and I’m on Linux.

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I confirm such a discrepancy, I have 0.54 vs 0.48 - 12.5% difference
(linux, docker)

same here

1.83 USD. vs. 1.76 USD

I have created an internal issue for that


I’m on v1.12.3 and am still having a discrepancy on the dashboard.
Latest with up time is picking up everything ok.

Anyone else having this issue?

As I said

Sorry, i assumed the new update had the fix

No, I’ll post an update when it’s done.

Ok, sounds good. Thanks @Alexey.

@KillahGoose Can you check on v1.15.3?

Yes, all good, both numbers match now. Thanks @Alexey

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