Payout Feb/2023 is done but dashboard show different amount

hello, recently i recieve the February 2023, the amount is $20.73, that amount showed as “estimated payout” on 28/02.

I looking today the dashboard, the Feb/2023 payout and i show this

some held back was released? or from another node?

sorry, cant understand what u mean, my node is 25 months old, i recieve normally the 20$ in my eth wallet, just the dashboard amount for Feb/2023, is the half.

you mean the real amount you received is correct, just the number in dashboard is wrong?

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is it possible you might have selected a single satellite…
then the payouts shown will only be for that particular satellite.

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yes, it think is that


but i have selected “all satellites”

also, this have impact on this

the proper is 352$ total earned, not 341$ (from that i notice , something is wrong)

Restart your node. It will force a refresh of the payment data with all satellites.


that was, thanx all for anwsers and help

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