Payout history in web dashboard wrong in months with surge payment

I’m just going through the payment history in the dashboard to compare it with the earnings calculator and noticed that the values are all over the place in all months with surge payouts.

What’s going on here? The only numbers which add up are 16.34 / 5 = 3.33, but even these are wrong. It looks like the “earned” got divided by 5 before doing the surge calculation. So it should be earned 16.34 and surge 83.20, then the held and paid amounts add up and match the values from the earnings calculator somehow.

I created an internal issue for that.

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the dashboard is from 2019 and not 2020. after a few hours there was also the one from 2020

Could you please check again?

I don’t know if you meant me or uwe.88, but my dashboard still shows the same info on v1.12.3.

Yeah, it’s fixed in the next version.