Payout info bug?


So I was checking my payout info, and something is not right here.

The Disk Average Month is totally reporting the false amounts, it is actually the Disk Usage (checked it with Earnings Calculator v9.2.1), which is not what You get paid for.
It’s missleading, please fix it.

That’s partially on me. Both displays the same information, but using different units. So you get paid for it, just not twice, so I only listed the dollar amount once in the earnings calculator. I opted for TBm line to display the amount since you get paid $1.5 per TB stored over the month. However, this data is actually stored in TBh (technically in Bh). Initially Storj chose to display the TBm unit on the dashboard (but didn’t for previous months), but they seem to have moved to displaying TBh everywhere. Either way, it’s the same thing in a different unit.

Edit: Fixed the wrong amount mentioned earlier. Thanks @kevink!

*1.5$, egress is 20$

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Okay, You’re right, I’m stupid :smile:
But it would be much simpler to see the Bm unit amount, like in Your calculator.

Something is not right with my numbers anyway, 5.84PBh=$619.84?
I didn’t get paid that amount, wish I had :smiley:

Yeah, something weird happened with the months January and earlier. I think they still need to correct those. It should be ok for more recent months though.

In the 1.9.5 the problem is fixed - in the payout information the disk usage is displayed in TBm