Payout per Terabyte

Hello guys,

what dou you guys have as payout per TB on your nodes?

I have two nodes, one with 1.5TB with ~4$/TB and a second one with 0.5TB with ~2.50$/TB.

I am thinking of getting a new node with bigger storage and wanted to know if the payout per TB is higer with higer nodes and also how high it could be.


you are paid based on this, the more data you get and can hold the more you can earn, ofc possible earnings isn’t the same as actual earnings, it can take a long time to fill a big disk.
it’s not easy to say how well it will do as it might change a lot over time, the network is still very new.
as more and more adopt the tardigrade network, the better ingress and egress will become… ofc the more nodes that join the network the less the shares of the data will be… at one point it will hit some sort of equilibrium, undulating between demand rising and new nodes joining.

Per Terabyte Earnings

Egress Bandwidth$20/TB

Repair Egress Bandwidth$10/TB

Disk Space$1.50/TB

Audit Bandwidth$10/TB

from the bottom of the page

I get about $25 from about 10TB, $2.5/TB
That is the average. My 1 year old 800GB node gets about $7/TB

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It highly depends on the month. So to be comparable, you’d need to tell which month you are comparing.

In december so far my 20month old node with 7.4TB gets me 32 so that's 4.3/TB, similar to your bigger node. More interesting however, my 2.9TB node only gets me 7 so that's 2.4/TB and my 2.1TB node gets me 6 so that's 2.86/TB. kind of makes me want to kill my 2nd node :smiley:

Edit: lol somehow all my $-signs get removed…

just put it to bigger HDD, it will grow and money will grow together.

my smaller nodes still have space to grow to 6TB. What’s interesting though is that my 2nd node is actually a lot older than the 3rd node but gives less $/TB. My 1st node is the oldest and gives a lot of egress.

my 14.4 tb node is up to 51$ but had near 10% downtime, and because of extended downtime multiple times it’s network integration over this last month would also be kinda hurt.
usually it’s been around 60$ but lately after my downtime and deletions, it’s like it was hurt a bit… kinda a bit like the performance advantages was decreased… i duno

don’t really have a lot of data with just 1 node.
ingress would also be a bit of a lottery… if one was a series of nodes getting much used enterprise data, then it should be able to be seen in the profits.

My full nodes are getting between $3.8/TB and $4.8/TB this month. Previous month had less egress and I got $2.3/TB to $2.6/TB before surge was applied.
On new nodes that are not full yet I’m seeing numbers around $2.9/TB.

Thanks guys for your numbers.