Payout polygon to euro

Hi what is the best way to get from polygon to euro. Anyone have any tips for me?

Send polygon matic to the exchange and get euro? Not sure what else you can do.

You’d have to swap Storj for something exchanges can receive through polygon first. I think liquidity on those swaps has been spotty though.

Ihave the coinbase but they are dont support polygone without erc-20. I use metamask for polygone. But i need a good alternative exchange to coinbase.

I personally use I swap storj to matic then I send to the exchange and can go cad usd etc then to my bank. for exchange matic to euro? and metamast for switch storj to matic? @deathlessdd ?

Yes Exactly that. But I do it to CAD.

cad? waht is it. cad

Canadian Dollars. There are other currencies except USD or EUR