Payout: Storj Token prices up 200-300% when exchange rate selected?

Hi all,
Looking at the value of Storj tokens over the last 30 days, they have gone way up. WAY up. Depending on when you read this will determine how much they have increased in the last 30 days.

How will this affect payout? Forgive me if this was answered somewhere else, but I’ve been running my node for this whole month and if the exchange rate matters at all this increase will have an effect on the number of tokens I am paid. The graph right now is totally quadratic/exponential/parabolic (call it what you will) and is likely to crash back down right after the last day of August when accounting should be taking place.

How will this appreciation in Storj tokens impact the number of tokens I’m paid for the services I provide? As a person holding tokens, this is great, but paid in tokens, not great (maybe).
Thanks, all, for providing a useful community for this interesting project of which I’m proud to be part.

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Your earnings are calculated in USD. During the payout, it is calculated how many tokens you should get based on the exchange rate at the time (I think it’s within the hour of the payout or something).

In the new version of storagenode 1.11.1 you can see a TX in the payout information

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That is what I was afraid of. This month is a worst-case scenario for such a schema. That is, I should have just invested in Storj tokens and “hodl” as they say in crypto (buy and hold and let it appreciate, rather than invest and mine), instead of setting up “iron” as they say in datacenter parlance - real servers with spinning hard drives and SSD cache, taking my expertise and taking me away from my family. I set up way too much infrastructure for this. Ugh. image

It’s the best for me as I just just paid all my investment in dedicated equipment for all my nodes :smiley:

Yes, and now you’ll be paid fewer tokens. Unless, if you’re saying this is your first month and you won’t be paid anything for a little while. Still, it’s rather likely to go down after a climb like this. So I think it’s too early to gauge if you’re completely new.

This is only best for those who run on cloud pay-as-you-go metered infrastructure (if you quickly pay for the cloud infrastructure with the higher value tokens.)

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I guess most of us made the “mistake” of withdrawing storj to buy hardware… did so myself. pulled $500 out to buy new harddrives… now it would have been $3000… We just need to learn to appreciate what we have instead of what we could have had if we made the right decision at the right time…

As for current payments I’ll probably swap that directly to ETH or BTC despite the high transaction fees because I’m afraid the price is going to fall hard again. But that’s just another of those decisions… I could be totally wrong :smiley:

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Thanks God I did GE :slight_smile: now I have the held amount x 3

Btw, this month salaries were paid few days in advance. Be careful and set stop-loss in ur trading.

Iceman :wink:

Storj is overall a long term commitment. From my point of view, I’m waiting the trend to become visible… I suppose it’ll take far longer than a quick snowball effect to manifest…

Personally I’ve only used token to pay for a little tardigrade testing…


I’m with Storj for over 2 years now. Even so, this should be on a long run. So, even you get paid less because it surged, don’t sell. Hold :wink:

Trying to see why.
There was a mild surge in trading volume end june and start of april. Those coincided with the Storj timelocked freeze periods:
(see and
The next end of freeze period would be 2020-09-30.
This surge does therefore not seem to be part of that pattern.
Anyone have an idea why?

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My believe is that the reason is that Storj is now supported on more exchanges. The climb started shortly after the announcement. I think it is just picked up by (maybe automatic) trading. Because it’s traded more it also fluctuades more in value.
Currently it is just spiraling up. It’s traded more becomes therefor more visible to other and is traded more again. Let’s see when the peak will be reached.

i really like the setup storj has in regard to this… the run it by dollar, move it by storj makes storj useful for both margin trading, long term holds, large purchases to get discounts, and ofc the SNO’s be lucky to get some increases on their payouts from time to time…

very few real downsides to this setup … if i had more than i do i might consider decreasing my stock just because i kinda doubt it will run much higher…and it’s close to the highest its been in years… but just a gut feelings… i mean with 10m being unlocked by storj… that has to mean something… ofc it’s not easy to predict such things… but i don’t think we should expect stable prices at all… so holding for years might be just as painful as selling to fast…

the storj value is supply and demand and completely arbitrary to the real world, so it will imo be very unstable…

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in my opinion we should be paid storj directly without comparing the usd because if this trends remain constant means at the time of payment if storj price get high then as a SNO we will suffer loss.

One data piece = one STORJ

But then… if the price of STORJ hits $1.50… how does Tardigrade bill customers ?


Yet nobody ever mentions getting much more when the price is low. By paying the USD value you can actually run a business with fair margins on it. If you pay a certain amount of storj, you either need to have pricing for customers that is all over the place or make tons of profit or tons of loss based on the fluctuations. It’s not sustainable that way.


no idea but what if at the start of month storj price is high vs rest of month ?

You have the option to sell your earnings for another token.

Stable coin with low tx fees please.

Definitively. Computer trading programs have figured out how to buy on a few fraction of a percent cheaper exchanges and resell on the higher ones. It will collapse when the exchanges are more precisely synchronized.