Payouts by satellite greatly differ from each other

How come that 1 satellite pays a ton more than all of the others accumulated?new

Also, it would be great if the satellites had unique payment adresses, but I can kinda see the reasons for that not being implemented.

If you look at the details of the transaction on you can see there is a from address that is unique for each satellite.
The satellite that paid out most is the testing satellite used for most of the download testing in January. That’s why you’re seeing such a big difference. They pay out based on usage. Some satellites have more customers doing more business with your node than others.

When I occasionally checked on my nodes end of last month, they were all getting about the same amount of traffic/data stored for each satellite, so I assumed I would receive mostly similar amounts paid out

/EDIT: or do you mean that there’s a 5th satellite for testing?

Most of the payout is based on egress traffic. The testing satellite had mostly egress traffic. Others probably had mostly ingress.
You can use my earnings calculator to see payout per satellite.

completely normal, some satellites more than others, depending on test and customer traffic, and your location

Amazing little tool!

But it says that german satellite paid out around 2$ and held 7$ for escrow - but i did in fact get paid 9$…

Is the escrow realized via some smart contract? Because the tokens i received seemed “spendable” to me.

Make sure you’re looking at the right satellite. There was also still a surge payout in place for January for 2x normal payout.

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I’m not sure about the escrow detail, but note that the tool doesn’t (AFAIK) take into account surge pricing, which was active last month.

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With adding both node’s outputs und taking into consideration surge payouts it seems to add up :slight_smile:

Does that mean that the following reading from your script is calculated BEFORE escrow?
Total - 182.25 GBm - 912.83 GB - 11.13 USD

Yes, the escrow values are only taken into account for the per satellite results at the bottom.

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Good to know, thanks mate.

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