Payouts dropping significantly

As i saw from the series of community posts about changing the payout rates, the result which came up was that the payments shouldn’t change that much for SNO’s.

I have 2 machines with 3TB disks and now i see a significant drop in my payouts. While from march and before payouts were arround 15$, in april i received 9$ and now my estimated earnings for may are 6$. My Download Egress, is the main factor for this, which have dropped a lot (~from 500>200)

My uptime is still >99% and i can’t find any explanation for that.

Has something else changed that can be affecting my nodes?
Am i doing something wrong that i should check?

The egress traffic has really slowed down, I presume because of the crackdown on people that abused the free accounts.

In april nothing had changed on the payout amounts, that is just due to differences in use every month. This month (may) the payout for test satellites will be less. So there are multiple things going on at once, but nothing to worry about your nodes. It’s just what it is


Same here. At this point, my expected payout for May will be 60-70% below average.

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Storj Payouts have dropped for some node operators due to slower egress traffic and lower payouts for test satellites this month. It’s a temporary situation and nothing to worry about.

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This doesn’t affect the past earnings and have no effect in the estimation yet - new prices likely doesn’t work correctly in the current version. I could be wrong, but I do not see changes on the dashboard in the Payout information regarding prices independently of the selected satellite.

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