Payouts received in Jaxx Liberty wallet / Configuring for zkSync Payments

Hello together,

I got 4 x 1TB docker nodes running on a rpi4 quad sata hat running since more or less 1 year without paying much attention to it. By now my JAXX Liberty wallet shows a balance of ~250 Storj’s, but unfortunately it seems not to be my best choice for Storjs ERC20 tokens as I believe to not hold the private keys…

What should be my approach to configure my setup for receiving zkSync L2 future payments in another wallet and move the already received tokens away from JAXX?

Grateful for any suggestion…

My first recommendation would always be a hardware wallet.

If that is not possible the question is which of your hardware do you trust most. I would say Linux PC > Smart Phone no jailbreak (or similar) > Windows PC > Smart Phone with jailbreak (or similar)

Hello @Gumarik,
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You can try to import your wallet to the Metamask extension or application with secret phrase from JAXX Liberty.

Hi @Alexey,

many thanks for the hint. Via Metamask I was able to link with zksync using the Jaxx secret phase.