PC crashes when setting up storj nodes

Hi Guys,
I had tried setting up nodes few months back when I got an email from storj with Auth token. Each time I set up my PC crashes and I had to reinstall Windows 10 itself. I had to reinstall Windows three times while trying to setup nodes.
Now I wanted to try but I am really afraid of the crash. Not sure what was causing the crash. Did anyone face the same issue?

Welcome I have not experienced issues like this when setting up a node on windows as Im still running on windows today with no issues. Can you explain to me how your pc crashed when setting up a node on windows did you use docker? Have you tried the new GUI setup its pretty easy an simple to setup.

Thanks for your time and response. Yeah I used docker. During the installation the PC restarted and when booted up again it did not go into the Windows instead some error was shown something like Windows was corrupted. I lost all my data and it is a pain to reinstall OS and all the drivers software. Spent two full days doing this again and again. Finally gave up.

You should try the GUI now its pretty simple no need to run docker anymore. https://documentation.storj.io/setup/gui-windows

Seems you faced the same issue, as I did.
The freshest version of Windows 10 Pro was not compatible with my hardware (or drivers), it’s crashed with any high disk activity, until I reverted to a previous build of Windows 10.
I even froze the Windows version update for one year until they fixed their bugs. The following build fixed the problem.
The only way to try to fix this issue - is trying to update the drivers on each device in the Device manager. Perhaps your vendor is published updated drivers for your hardware, which will be compatible with a new build of Windows 10.

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How many months did you run the same OS before installing storej, or was this a fresh install?
What guide did you follow to do the docker install?
Did you install any external HD or USB drive after?

My nodes (v2) worked fine more than a two years until the Windows update crash my PC down. And this continues to happen until I reverted back to a previous build. It worked some time and then upgraded itself back to the glitch build and I lost one of my node completely with the next crash.
I updated all drivers which I can found, it becomes more stable, but crashes anyway once per week.
So, I reverted back again and froze the Windows upgrade to one year, allowing only security updates. After a year the Windows is upgraded to the same glitch build, then to the next one, which is more stable, then I installed v3. It was back in March. And it’s working fine since then.
I use only internal HDDs. The external ones are not reliable enough, they can shutdown itself because of overheat of USB controller or not enough power.
This guide to install the docker version: https://documentation.storj.io/setup/cli

Was it a windows update that caused the crash or Storj Cause I know windows updates for windows 10 pro caused windows to crash, Even bricked in some cases.

Why are you using Docker on Windows 10 in the first place? I have 2 Windows 10 Nodes running with no issues!
Use the Windows Installer, forget Docker :wink:

Is this a new PC build? Symptoms would make me look at the stability of your RAM.