Peak 1 day space increase 300 GBs/node

My nodes have been seen a huge increase in space used/day since the start of testing this month, which is great and in a few days will make up for all the drop in space used before the start of testing. It looks like the peak increase in used space is around 300 GBs/day/node. I have 6 nodes. 3 nodes have available space set to zero to force all ingress to my 3 other 12TB nodes that are 30% full (I want to fill the big drives first and then migrate the small drives to bigger drives).

Is there any thing I can do to improve the max increase/day?

My internet is 300/30 Mbs. Node drives are running a constant 100% activity. CPU is 15%. Memory is 70%. Drives are Seagate Ironwolf NAS SATA III. Would increasing my internet speed help?
If I change one of the zero space available drives to 4TB available so it started to receive ingress would that just spread the ingress across 4 drive increase of 3 and net not increase max ingress (I think so which is why I limited available space on 3 of the smaller node drives)?
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Edit: all nodes have 1 Gb ethernet connections.

I would wait until we get the same traffic from a real customer before buying new drives or get a faster connection. I assume that the test will be over soon.

If your nodes are in the same /24 subnet then it will make no difference if you have 3 or 4 nodes. The same ingress will be shared between them.

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I agree with Donald: yes a bump in your Internet speeds would likely let you grab more per day… but as far as we know the current traffic is temporary. Wait to see if paying customers arrive to make the higher data rates permanent.

It would suck to start paying more for Internet… maybe with a 1 or 2-year commitment… and then the network goes back to idle again :frowning_face:


Thanks for your suggestion. Since ingress is shared across all my nodes (they are in the same /24 subnet), I will keep the 3 small nodes at zero space available so that the other 3 big nodes fill first.

I upgraded my internet connection and just didn’t select the 1 year commitment. One month it is for me. Even if this traffic gets permanent all it needs is twice the number of nodes and my bandwidth usage gets cut in halve. So the 1 year commitment is a risk regardless of the current circumstances. A 1 month commitment on the other hand should be fine.

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