Per Project Storage Limit Expectations


At the very end of the Usage and Limits article it says that, “[Usage Limit Increase] Requests will be evaluated considering the intended use case and availability on the network.”

I am planning on building a product that is analogous to Google or Apple Photos on Storj (which would likely fall under the “Low Volume CDN” use case mentioned in the Limit Increase Request Form).
If there is a steady increase of customers to my service, will my described use case meet the Storj evaluation criteria for increasing the 25TB storage ceiling (and in time, the other limits)?

Considering how critical my Storj usage (and its scaling) will be to my application, I’d really like to get some more clear expectations about if and how quickly Storj is able to scale.


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Yes don´t worry about limit increases, we need to update this part of the documentation. You can ask for limit increases whenever you need them, we will be happy to apply them to your account if you have a valid payment method on file.


Fixed removed mention of filling a support request for STORJ tokens by AlexeyALeonov · Pull Request #351 · storj/docs · GitHub