Permanent damage to the satellite

Hi, just thinking
What happens if the satellite through which I uploaded files to the network will be permanently destroyed (dead operator, natural disaster)?
It is possible to recover data from the network using other satellites?

no each satellite have own data and custumers, thay all separate.

even Tardigrade satellites? I am not sure about it.

Satellites aren’t a single server somewhere. They consist of several components hosted on high availability architectures that protect specifically against such failures.

There has been some talk of data replication or moving to a different satellite, but that functionality if developed is more to enable you to switch rather than protect against failures. Satellites should be doing that protection themselves.

So there is no sense for Storj. If one satellite fails others should take control over its jobs. Now there is no difference between Storj or any other cloud solutions.

Each tardigrade satellite is already made up of multiple servers for failover protection, as BrightSilence already mentioned. And certainly not operated by one single person, but by a devops team. Therefore the scenario you describe doesn’t apply. We cannot speak for non-Tardigrade satellite operators and how they choose to build their satellite infrastructure and protect from failure.