Permission Denied

I made no changes to my account or the credentials used, but all of the sudden all of my links are showing permission denied screen. What could cause a breakage like this for custom dns?

What could cause a breakage like this for custom dns?

For example if the registered access grant had an expiry data, and it’s expired. Or the access key is removed from the project.

I think you started the process with uplink share --dns <hostname> sj://<bucket>/<prefix> at the beginning. At that time, you used an access grant, make sure it’s still valid and works.


@hack13 were you able to resolve this issue?

Sadly it did not, but I have implemented a workaround instead. I will try this again, as I have been wanting to look at ditching my CDN provider to see if it will help cut CDN costs serving from storj directly.

You may just regenerate the access key by the same command

and replace your current access key in the storj-access: TXT record.
Just make sure that you still has the correct bucket/prefix and your current access grant allowing to see objects:

uplink ls sj://my-bucket/my-prefix/

And of course make sure that you do not host an illegal or malicious content.