Photos+, an app like Google photos, is now offering a free upgrade

Photos+, an app like Google photos, is now offering a free upgrade ($9.99 annual value), to all customers that sign up and use Storj as their storage location. Please let us know if you end up using it and share your experience.


The Apple App Store sees just one review with a 1 star rating.
This is a little worrying…

Please try the app for yourself and then give us an honest review here and in the App Store. We are eager to hear about what are the pain points so the app can be improved.

Note that when I scrolled through and read the actual reviews in the Google PlayStore (there are many more than what you report for the App Store) I checked to see how long ago they were posted and what were the issues that people did not like. Note that the Storj DCS backend was just recently added, so I don´t think old reviews for example from last year really should be very relevant.

I have some troubles. I created an acces for S3 in my DCS account with:


Access Key


Secret Key


But i get no access

Error verifying your S3 storage Access key and Secret. Please check and so on


Did you follow the Photo+ setup guide, step 5. where it instructs you to create your access credentials (access key and secret key) for the S3 gateway from inside your Storj DCS account, as shown in Generate Gateway Credentials?

Ok i filled up my Credentials again now and it works.

Cool thanks


This link here: Photos+ Integration Guide | Storj Docs

is not working:\&hl=en_US\&gl=US

Question: Is it possible to fully replace my Google Foto sync from my Android smartphone with this App?

Thanks for pointing out the broken link, is the correct link, just remove the last part that is specific to US Playstore. We will update this asap in the docs.

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I think it’s pretty good, if a bit basic. You can’t move photos between albums or organise by tags etc. Most of the bad reviews don’t seem to understand what the app actually does and are expecting it to be a complete photo app rather than connecting to 3rd party storage.

The main downside for me is that it will only show photos that you’ve added through the app. So if you add them direct to the bucket, the app won’t be aware of them. If they offered a desktop version as well then that would be a solution.

It also appears that when a photo is deleted from the phone app it is not deleting it in the bucket. Although, emptying the trash comes with a warning that it will, so perhaps that’s a bug.

Not sure I’d be happy if I’d paid $10 for it but with the free upgrade I’m happy to give it a go for a while and see how it goes.

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Thank you for your comments. While you can’t move photos between albums (it will be possible in the near future), it’s easy to accomplish this by simply adding the same photos to a different album. Since the app does deduplication automatically, the photos won’t be upload twice or take up extra storage, so with just a quick sync, you’ll be able to have the same photos in multiple albums.

It’s also possible to upload via the desktop. Simply sign in on your desktop browser at to manage and upload photos via the desktop.

Lastly, deleting photos will of course delete them from bucket (once you empty trash), but the process may take up to 15 minutes to complete.


Yes, in fact many of our customers are now using Photos+ as an alternative to Google Photos. It’s also possible to automatically import your Google Photos to Photos+ for people looking for an easy migration. Please sign in to on your desktop browser to import/export content from Google Photos to Photos+.


The current rating for Photos+ on the Apple Appstore is 4.6 and on the Google Playstore is 4.3. It’s not accurate that it only has a 1 star rating. Thank you.

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I dont if if its just me when I click the + inside the browser version it does nothing at all.

I would not have said so if it wasn’t true.
Possibly different countries have different ratings?

In Italy it has no reviews

Thank you for the reply. The browser app makes importing much easier. I’d still prefer that it could recognise when new photos have been added to the bucket manually and import them that way. Then I can use ftp to upload directly.

A suggestion for the future would be to allow different albums to connect to different buckets so I can use the app for multiple collections of photos that I don’t really want mixed.

FYI, the photo I deleted from the trash is still in my bucket a day later.

Finally, can you confirm whether our photos are ever shared or stored with your servers? There is nothing in your privacy policy that relates to the actual photos.

Overall I should say that I like the app, it has a lot of potential.

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Yes it seems different countries show different ratings! We were not aware of this behavior by the Appstore. There are many advantages to this new app beyond the huge savings it offers over the other apps and even the built-in icloud sync service. It’s definitely worth trying it out.

Once you click the + icon in the upper right, it takes you to a screen where you can drag photos to the screen (or click on it) to select photos for upload. Thank you.

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