Photos+ Cloud Library now offers automated direct S3-storage to Storj imports

Photos+ Cloud Library is a a photo management library app that works with your own cloud storage platform such as storj, now offers automated direct S3-storage to Storj imports.

We all know how inefficient, impractical, and time consuming it can be to download even just a few hundred GB’s of photos to your computer only to re-upload the same photos to another platform, but when it gets to many TB’s of data, this could literally take over a month on a typical home internet connection.

This new import utility bypasses your computer entirely and performs the import directly between the source and destination buckets using high speed servers and multiple parallel gigabit connections. On average, about 100GB to 200GB of photos can be transferred per hour and it all happens automatically in the background.

If your photos are currently stored on another S3 storage platform and you would like them transferred to Photos+/Storj, simply sign in to on your desktop or tablet browser to start an import request.