Picking the Right Drive

MY Question today is there a recommended read\wright speed of hard drives for a Storj Node?
I have the chance to pick up a few 3.5" 2TB 5400RPM HDD for a really good price and to my knowledge they are a bit slower Read\Write but are a bit longer lasting and a little more reliable.

I also want to know how well 2.5" HDD Preform and if there worth keeping an eye out for.

Alos When it come to storj Node operators what is usually the biggest bottleneck?

  • HDD Read\Write
  • Internet Speed
  • Computer Ram

lot of my nodes are WD perple they are 5400 also, working perfect, stable working
they rated to work 24/7 lot of writes.

The only thing you should watch for is the SMR technology, which trades speed for capacity/price. SMR drives are not recommended for storage nodes, though some people got them to work with careful configuration. See e.g. this thread: PSA: Beware of HDD manufacturers submarining SMR technology in HDD's without any public mention

As far as I know, currently all commercially available 2.5" drives bigger than 1TB are SMR.