Planning a Move

I’m getting ready to move and my storage node will be offline for 2-3 weeks during my move. I was considering gracefully exiting and bumping up the concurrency of uploads a bit since I’m currently on a 900 mbps fiber line but the server will be temporarily shut down one way or the other in less then two weeks which does not sound like enough time to graceful exit ~6.23 TB.

Will my node IDs defiantly be permanently disqualified with an outage this long or is their a chance I’ll only get a temporary suspension of new data under the current policies?

Currently disqualification for downtime is not enabled.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll power everything down and bring it back up as quick as I realistically can making sure drive letters and dynamic DNS sync up properly in the new location.

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Ended up taking about 30 days to bring back up my nodes with moving delays. If I understand correctly my current online score is 0% but I should be back to passing from a suspension standpoint once my trailing 30 day total is back above 60% success?

Yes, if you do not see a warning that your node is disqualified.