Please change vetting on europe-north as it takes "forever"

Vetting on europe-north is so slow, my 5 months old node is only 88% vetted.
I understand that this is just a test satellite and doesn’t even get much data but we have lots of new SNOs and the more new SNOs we have, the slower the vetting will be. Eventually no new node will get vetted before it dies of hardware error :smiley: (ok maybe it’ll take 12 months to get vetted, but that’s not good, is it?)


On the other hand, if vetting is slow, that’s because there isn’t much activity on this satellite, so no one’s really missing out… Isn’t that right? :slight_smile:


There’s still repair traffic. And once test traffic picks up, only really old nodes would profit.
It’s just a matter of temporarily changing the traffic percentage for unvetted nodes from 5% to maybe 30% until the majority of nodes has been vetted.

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Once traffic would increase again, the vetting process will also dramatically increase. That would just balance out. But I agree, in that first phase mostly old nodes would profit. Although there is a point to be made that that would also mean that those nodes are the most reliable

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When traffic increases, there will already be hundreds of unvetted nodes so it would still take rather long. And current repair traffic gets mostly forwarded to old nodes while more and more old nodes leave

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I think it would be better to just increase activity on the server rather than modify the vetting. We don’t want to necessarily modify the conditions to make it faster. Better to increase activity for a host of reasons.


Well I can certainly go with increased activity :smiley: I just thought that if you don’t want to increase the activity, changing the vetted/unvetted split would be the easier/cheaper solution.

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