Please help me to understand the November payout

This November I earn around 6.30 dollar and around 60-70 dollar was held back.
STORJ Team announce the December double payout.
I’m suppose to get paid around 12 dollar worth of Storj.
But I got 31.02705014 Storj.
When I received the 31.02705014 Storj, it was worth around 10.80 dollar and now its worth around 11.20 dollar.
Now before going to sleep, I was checking my node and I found the payout for November is not showing correctly.

Is there any issue with my node? I checked the logs and orders and I did not found any errors. I don’t have knowledge in command lines, am I not able to identify errors in the logs or orders?

Why I got paid only 31.02705014 Storj worth around 10.80 - 11.20 dollar, am I not supposed to get paid 12 dollar worth of Storj?

Your image shows the wrong surge value 129%.

Both those are estimated values. Wait a few days until the real values are filled in

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I hadn’t noticed this in your other post. But it looks like saltlake hasn’t reported back the actual payout data, which might be missing on your dashboard as well, accounting for the lower numbers. I think you may just have to wait a bit.
This also explains why the total says 129% surge, because surge has not been accounted for on Saltlake yet.

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Thanks @BrightSilence & @andrew2.hart for the advice. The payout are now showing correctly but there are still some differences. Using the python script, its shows the total bandwidth is 271.88 GB and the total payout+Surge is 13.45 usd but on the web dashboard its shows the total bandwidth is 183.73 GB and the total payout+Surge is 12.08 usd.

I guess that means you’ve still seen some impact from the orders issue. I think the fixes were deployed partway through the month, but I’m not entirely sure. Do you still have files older than 48 hours in the unsent orders folder?

No. I check my node daily (every 12 hours). I didn’t notice any files older than 48 hours in the unsent orders folder.