[PODCAST] James Wo of ETC Labs chats with Jocelyn Matthews

0:00 ➼ Welcome & Introduction, James Wo
0:06 ➼ About ETC Labs
3:18 ➼ How did you get involved with blockchain, originally?
6:27 ➼ What kind of work is the ETC Labs team doing right now that excites you?
9:16 ➼ Reaching out to other entities around the world, what common experiences around how decentralization is viewed are you observing between MENA, East Asia and The United States?
12:20 ➼ What investment thesis do you adhere to? When operating from first principles, which do you assess first: the infrastructure or the use cases?
14:57 ➼ Partnership insights
18:16 ➼ When Ethereum moves to proof of stake, Ethereum Classic will stay proof of work. Blockchain is more expensive than legacy systems. How can the Storj and ETC Labs partnership help alleviate those costs/be competitive with other storage solutions?
19:29 ➼ Storj Labs is working on a decentralized fast sync for Ethereum Classic, making it faster and easier to instantiate new nodes. Where do you see the growth in the network?
22:17 ➼ In many dApp use cases, blockchain applications tend to be a slower, less efficient way of solving a problem for which there is an adequate existing centralized solution. DeFi emerged as the early use case, but where do you see the next wave of really useful decentralized solutions?

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