Podcast - Joseph (JJ) Jacks, founder of Open Core Summit

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Discussion with JJ Jacks of OpenCore Summit which is occurring this week

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Dec 16-18, 2020

December 16, 2020 → December 18, 2020

  • William Gibson was quoted once in the Economist as saying ”The future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed”. What does that mean to you?

  • Why is it important for founders and builders to share their knowledge with the next generation? And for each side of the equation, why does it benefit them?

  • What is it like to grow a conference to the point of being a major player, while also having other irons in the fire. Is this actually a strength?

  • Why is OCS 50% underrepresented people this year, and what does it entail to make that happen?

  • What kinds of storage needs to events have at various sizes? What would people be surprised to hear about the logistics side of researching such solutions?

  • The aggregate value of all tech/software companies globally, this number currently hovers around $10 Trillion. Companies take tremendous advantage of Open-Source value creation, but don’t always contribute much back.

  • Nearly every company is becoming a technology company. How is open source integral to the identity of companies who mistakenly think they’re in the widget business?

  • One of the primary goals of OCS is to reach and educate the inventors, creators, innovators and builders in the Open-Source movement about one potential path to capturing some of the value they create. Where do COSS founders originate? (Spoiler: Mostly in the Open-Source ecosystem!)

  • How are some ways decentralization’s benefits are changing the ways people carry out business?

  • Who are some people to watch in Open Core and decentralization?

  • With the current volatility in markets, gold has been the historical alternative, but now there are assets like bitcoin. What do you think of digital assets as a store of value?

  • While cryptocurrency was the initial use case for decentralized apps, what do you see as the most interesting of the emerging use cases (Defi was first and Storage seems like the next wave)?

  • We’ve seen a lot of motion in the COSS space over the last couple of years - what have you seen that’s been successful in terms of balancing OS contribution and increasing adoption of commercial services and what will continue to be successful?

  • Signal is Open Source. WhatsApp uses the OS library from Signal. Telegram uses its own proprietary not-open-source. Do you have any opinions on the three different approaches to privacy?