[PODCAST] Tardigrade Thursday with Jocelyn and Kevin

This weeks guest Kevin Leffew – Topic: Use cases for Tardigrade. Please comment to let
the team know what you think!


Nice to hear more about some of the early use cases and where Tardigrade is a good fit.

A small note: The term Storj was used a few times to refer to Tardigrade, which can be confusing because it wasn’t introduced and it sounds like you’re just talking about storage. Especially since the relationship between Storj and Tardigrade wasn’t explained, this could lead to unnecessary confusion.

This video focused on high volume storage that needs to be readily available but has relatively low delivery requirements. It would have been nice to see some summary of these properties.

  • Large storage requirements (preferably large files)
  • Hot storage, readily available at high speeds around the world
  • Low/medium delivery requirements
  • Low price

Some more discussion about the general properties would have been interesting. For example, the network is well suited to store data and ingest it from thousands or even more sources at the same time, but perhaps not for thousands of users wanting to access the same file at the same time.

I’d love to see more of this though. I’d be especially interested in an outline of the vision for Tardigrade with some more ideas about future direction. Getting back to my previous point, the whitepaper already outlines that it should be possible to scale up to a situation where it is required to have delivery requirements to have tens of thousands of people downloading the same thing at the same time. Even automatically, based on demand. I did a quick search for pricing for CDN’s and it seems tardigrade is already right in the sweet spot to be a very affordable alternative to centralized options. You could even omit charging for the extra storage used if scaling only happens based on the demand as bandwidth payments would more than compensate the storage used. That would make the pricing structure similar to CDN’s which only charge for bandwidth as well.

I’m sure there are other clever ideas among the team that would be great to share. A few passionate people dreaming out loud about the possibilities would be awesome to hear!


Wow thanks for that great breakdown Brightsilence! You’re right about the Storj/tardigrade thing, I noticed when I was checking the recording that it’s a habit we all have as Storjlings haha

I agree that we can explore some additional facets of the conversation . I’m planning to do so in future episodes. Thanks so much!

Any chance there’s a transcript or summary available? I would much rather read something than listen to two people chat.

if you click through to the YoutTube video and open transcript it shows the text thanks

Hi @allrightname.

Even better than the transcript might be this blog post! https://storj.io/blog/2020/02/use-cases-for-the-decentralized-cloud/


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I love this thematic and format! This podcast contains technical details and examples, and each question very well described, lovely!

Please make more the same lovely podcasts!