[PODCAST] Tardigrade Thursday with Yingrong

Podcast, Pt.1 : From front end to distributed systems

A chat with Tardigrade engineer Yingrong Zhao

Jocelyn Matthews and Yingrong Zhao talk about what makes cloud different from front-end engineering, and discuss Yingrong’s path from bootcamp to working on core features of the Tardigrade decentralized system


Podcast, Part 2: Planning & Design w/ Tardigrade Engineer Yingrong Zhao

The first step to coding is not coding, but planning. Tardigrade engineer Yingrong Zhao talks about steps to take before starting to code, as part of daily life on the performance team.

When starting a new coding project, that first line of code is often the most difficult to write. It can be overwhelming to build something from scratch. However, if writing code is the first thing you do when you start a new project, odds are you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Just like a home builder plans out a project using engineering reports, bids, and budgets before ever laying the first board, coders should strategically plan their projects before getting started.