[POLL] Should NAS be one app or two apps?

We I wanted to reach out for your feedback and thoughts around an upcoming set of applications we are releasing for NAS Providers like QNAP, Western Digital, Synology, and FreeNAS.

The application has two functions:
1.) It will NAS Owners to easily share their excess capacity via a basic application that walks through set up process and preconfigures things like port-forwarding.

2.) A Backup Tool, that enables you to backup all of the data on your NAS the Decentralized Cloud via Tardigrade.

We are thinking internally around the rollout of these applications and are deciding whether it is better to

  • bundle these two features into a single application
  • separate into two different applications: 1.) Tardigrade app for backup and 2.) a Storj application for sharing capacity.

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We would love to hear your thoughts around the pros and cons of each approach!


Most of the time I will use both apps, but sometimes could not so it would be nice to not even have the option to share enabled.

Even though I’d be using both, I’d say separate apps is the way to go. The features are different enough that the combination would feel a bit like a Frankenstein('s monster). Additionally for SEO purposes you would find exactly what you are looking for when searching for either Storj or Tardigrade in the app stores later on.

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I would also separate these functionalities. In the mobile App sector there would be 2 separate apps and I think it makes sense as the one app is more or less the customer app and the other one for the providers. Maybe you can add a tab or a hint in both apps With a link and a short description to the other one.

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My opinion is definitely to separate it.

I’d say separate. Tardigrade requires card information or a bunch of tokens to set up and a “wrong” click may result in a (rather large) bill. On the other hand, the other program (running a node) will not result in a bill.

Same as above, separate

@jocelyn Thanks a lot for asking the community!


thanks everybody, this info has been passed along to my colleagues!