Polygon STORJ Defi token pools

The Polygon payout worked quite well for me.

Thank you Storj for extending the number of payout options!

In prior threads, I indicated that I would setup a token swap pool on a Polygon DeFi platform once I got my payout. I have no problem doing that, however…

In the past few weeks someone beat me to the task and set up a Quickswap pool:


Quickswap is not included on the 0x API. So, the pool price is not included in the Polygon Wallet exchange feature.

Uniswap is included in the 0x API.

So, I can recalibrate the Uniswap pool and add some liquidity on that platform. However, adding my liquidity to the Quickswap pool is probably a better option as that will ensure the larger pool remains balanced.

Polygon payout people… any thoughts on two pools vs. one?

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Depends on how much liquidity you plan to provide I guess. :stuck_out_tongue: With just about $1000 there, it shouldn’t be too hard to beat that and having it easily available might help more people jump in too. Although, the existing one does seem to have quite a nice exchange rate at the moment.

About $250 STORJ and $250 MATIC … small payout exchange seems to be what’s needed. So that should be enough for those with the under $5 payouts.

In order to get more STORJ, I’d need to do an L1 swap and then a deposit from L1 … two expensive transactions.

In the meantime, I added some liquidity to the Quickswap pool. I can move it over to Uniswap, or leave it where it is. It just seemed better to add to pool that’s larger than what I would be creating…


That seems like the best bet for the amounts you suggested. Better have one decent place for people to go than 2 mediocre ones.