Poor download levels this month (Nov 2020)

All of my ingress and egress bandwidth increases seemed to be repair traffic. I’m operating under the assumption that SNOs that were relying on profits for equipment instead of using existing equipment started to bail and we’re now getting those shards.


I saw quite an increase in egress usage, went from around 3GB/day to 12GB yesterday !
Seems on track to get to 12GB today as well. It’s a shame that I can’t get last months numbers on the dashboard to compare.
EDIT: It looks like europe north started pulling data from my node again. That sweet sweet test traffic hahaha

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I also see the same drop in November on a 2.5TB node created in April
I have just created 2 other nodes but I do not understand very well in the discussions what represents a “Subnet” can someone give me the definition of the subnet?

I was actually wondering the same thing, I hope this isn’t based on WAN subnet.

What’s not true? I was wondering…

How would StorJ handle nodes in my ISP subnet?
Obtained IP/Netmask: 79.161.183.x
Expiry Date: 2020/12/02 19:11:25
Acquired DNS:
Default Gateway:

Not really sure what your question is, I linked a topic the whole subnet has been discussed many times on this forum and a simple search you could see it.

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Thank you, i am french and my english is very bad, i use Google translate. it’s difficult for me to search in the topic

Pratiquement un subnet c’est un groupe d’addresses IP, ce qui nous arrange pas avec Storj c’est que quelqu’un d’autre dans le subnet peut aussi avoir un “node”. Vu que le traffic dans un subnet est divisé entre les nodes ça fait que le tien n’aura que la moitié de l’ingress (l’egress dépendra de la quantité de données que tu stockes sur ton node).

there is a tool for it now.

else i would just port scan the subnet on the standard storj ports


Is it enough to enter my own ip or is something else necessary. Wuen entering my io, I only see my nodes while the map shows some more nodes nearby

I am seeing 5 times more repair egress then regular egress. It does not sound healthy.


I think that’s just the network doing some repair.

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And that’s a pretty nice tool !
However I have 3 nodes running at my place and it only shows 2 nodes in my subnet, I guess it’s good news hahaha

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so far it’s usually right… but i duno, might take a while for it to update… so if the node is like weeks or maybe a couple of months old maybe it hasn’t updated… i duno
might be some kinda of latency if it isn’t live… or maybe if the nodes are on ports it might not expect nodes to be on…

but yeah certain much more reliable than port scanning.

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How do I use this check? --> http://storjnet.info/neighbors

Only entering my own public ip?

Yes. Just enter your public IP address. It will calculate the /24 subnet range from that.

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Is there a dashboard about overall network utilization and traffic?

The closest to this in my knowledge is the following website I linked further up:

Does not include global traffic though.

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Not too bad.
I would also like to know capacity statistics. Available and used space overall.
Thanks however