Poor download levels this month (Nov 2020)

Here are various data that you are curious about …



November payout will be doubled, I just got an email.
It almost looks as if they felt bad for the low egress and wanted to make SNOs happy :rofl:


It’s to compensate a second bug:

The first one was compensated there:

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The third bug would be the mess with corrupted order files, IMO.

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their server where busy with doing actual work and thus the test data traffic was sad i guess…

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Thanks for sharing this Info, I have 3 nodes with diferrent mail-adresses and dont get anything…

Please, check your SPAM folder and also - your email address in the storagenode configuration - is it correct?

@Alexey Thanks for your reply and sry for hijacking this thread with this.
No, there is nothig in SPAM, I just have Docker nodes running and entered my email address there.
Nevertheless I only got last week the maintaince mails of 6th december, but not this and not as I was dqed on 1 satellite :frowning:

Perhaps there is a mistype in the email address in the docker run command then

Strange, the email address is the same as I used to receive the Auth Token and then copy and paste, therefore I can exclude mistype. :slight_smile:
Can I put my email address in the config.yaml or would it be overwritten by docker config?

I think this site uses an uplink. Could be that it never encountered one of your nodes. Is one of them full? If so it can’t upload new data to it, so it will likely not find it. The system isn’t perfect, but it comes pretty close. And since it mostly misses full nodes, those wouldn’t impact your traffic anyway.

That’s the second one that @Alexey was referring to.

None of my nodes are full but I do have one that’s vetting though so that’s probably the cause.
Thanks for the info !

Ahh yes, it likely hasn’t encountered that one yet. I’m sure it’ll show up soon enough though.

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