November payouts amount, an update

Hello friends! As you’re aware, we had a few issues you’ve flagged during last month’s payouts. We are still working through some issues, but we wanted to at least explain one of our interventions so far.

The payout process had a bug which resulted in using a fixed rather than dynamically adjusting exchange rate during the sending of the November payout. This week, we paid out differences exceeding $1, and any wallet with a lower amount will see the balance added to the regular payout in December.

There are obviously other issues with regard to unsubmitted but expired orders. We are still debating what to do there. Stay tuned!


Thanks @jocelyn, it’s good to see Storj Labs is always committed to making things right in such cases. Even if the impact wasn’t that large for most SNOs and despite the considerable cost for all these additional transactions.

In the future it could be useful to poll SNOs on the forum on whether they would mind getting the compensation with next months payouts. Since the transaction costs to you are considerable, I think almost all of us would have been fine with that too.


Trust in the crypto scene

I learned, (lucky) at a young age that if you lend someone money, you may as well be giving them that money. You shouldn’t expect it back :
Friend: Mate can you lend me $5 to get some breakfast?
You: Sure thing! (You’re my friend)
If you go on to demand that money back you’re probably going to lose that “friend”. There is a second kind of person who will borrow that money and make damn sure that you get it back, either in a gift or the money. This doesn’t make them a better friend…

My experience is that this second kind mostly doesn’t exist in the crypto currency world, and my conclusion from this is that you are wasting your time trying to buy loyalty or trust.

My thoughts on receiving your $2 (and thank you for that) was that someone had finally decided to give back some “initial eth” that I sent them, but no, unfortunately.

I am glad that is that second kind


yeah I’m very sorry about that. And I fully agree with your statement. Can’t trust anyone in the crypto scene.
Luckily storjlabs is a public corporation so that’s different because they are bound by contract to several obligations. They are not some more or less anonymous group of developers that could quickly disappear with your money.