Port forward problem

Thank you - i have a large cap (1TB) so that will not be a problem - its a server i have running anyways so i wanted to try out a Storj farm on it. For my own fun and to maybe make a few videos with. I will try with a vpn and see if i can make that work.

Yes, you are right. You doesn’t have a public IP on 3g/4g, you always behind the provider’s NAT.
I didn’t meet any exception so far. So the solution would be to use a VPN service with port forwarding feature.
However, you can easily check do you have a public IP or not. Navigate to the Status page and scroll to 3G/4G, write down IP from there, then compare it with IP there: Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router
If they match then your port forwarding will work.

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Wow thanks alot. I will use a VPN i think. i just ordered a 3g/4g router that allows VPN.