Port forwarding is not working working

I just realized that my node is offline for 10 days because it seems like my port forwarding is just not working anymore. It worked just fine for half a year but now if I check my port two different port checkers say the port is closed. Somehow my other port forwarding rules are still working, I’m also hosting my own email server on this machine and these ports are still open on the same machine but when I try to add a new port to the rules in my router they also don’t work. Can anyone help me troubleshooting?

Can you please provide more details, like screenshots or what you have already done to check the ports? That might be easier than starting from scratch.

do you use static ip or ddns? most problem with ddns is, if you didnt install duc soft, it will not update ip when isp chageit.

Are you sure that your ISP has changed to CGNAT?

okay first thank you all for trying to help me. I just fixed it by simple downloading the newest Installer exe and run it. The install wizzard than asked me if I want to update the software and I clicked update than It restarted the storagenode and everything seems to be working again even though the Port checker still says my port is closed.

Then your node perhaps is offline or you checking a wrong port/address.