Port forwarding issues

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I’ve been running both a Windows and Synology node for quite sometime. Today we installed a new Fortigate 60F and have been un-succesful in getting the Synology instance running again. We forwarded the external TCP port to the Windows box easily but for some reason the Synology is reporting the firewalls internal IP address of

trust Failed to fetch URLs from source; used cache {“source”: “https://tardigrade.io/trusted-satellites”, “error”: “HTTP source: Get “https://tardigrade.io/trusted-satellites”: dial tcp: lookup tardigrade.io on read udp> i/o timeout”, “errorVerbose”: "HTTP source: G

Any suggestions? Fortigate says it has to be something in Synology config…

Thanks in advance

When logged into the Synology… can you access the WAN using DNS ?

synology$ ping linode.com

Ah, this may be the problem then…

“Temporary failure in name resolution”

Gosh, I have tried both manual and DHCP and get the same results on both… Any ideas?

I’m not familiar with the Fortigate 60F … but my guess is something needs to be changed in the configuration of that firewall device… which seems to be enterprise class.

Contact the IT department … unless that’s you… in which case, it’s probably some DNS setting somewhere:

In your OP, the docker container is the 172 address…

So, the error is indicating that the docker container can’t access the Internet using DNS through your Synology connection. Fixing the connection to the Synology should fix the problem.

Thanks! If my DNS is working correctly I should be able to ping google or other websites. Seems like I had DNS problems on this NAS before. Putting it on DHCP fixed the problem the last time but apparently it runs a little deeper now.

DHCP is simply an automated method of setting up connecting devices to a router.

The issue may be as simple as setting the DNS provider in your new firewall device.

Thanks for your help in looking for the problems. Turns out I had a manual override under the IPV6 default gateway set to the routers address in the Synology control panel. I deleted that setting and boom everything was happy. I have no idea why I set that in the first place and we’re using IPV4 anyway but deleting if fixed the DNS problem on the NAS…

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I have quite a bit of experience with FortiGate firewalls if you have firewall questions in the future.

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