Ports used with outgoing connections?

I have two internet connections with different IPs and I want to route all the outgoing traffic of the node through the same wan interface as the incoming traffic. So I would like to know which ports are used for outgoing connections by a storagenode.

Any port. It is not fixed. Every connection opened with a random port to the potentially random port.

Thats not how TCP/UDP works, it will always be a random port. Also you don’t need that if you have NAT. As you have multiple ISPs I assume you have some knowledge about IP right?

Yes of course I have knowledge, but I talk about the connections which are initiated by the node. I am nearly sure it matters, if some status/requests/… to the satellites came from a second IP. I want to route these connections through the same interface/IP as the main communication. Thats the reason why I want to group them by some criteria. The incoming connections are not the problem.

Normally the incoming connection is a problem as you cant route that yourself if you dont have BGP setup.

I doubt there are any outgoing connections at all, everything is initiated from the outside, get/post/delete etc. What kind of outgoing connections are you thinking about?

I think of ip(ddns) publication on startup or later on, maybe some kind of status reports,…
I’ll try to catch some of these (if there are any) with the packet analyser tool of my router and report the results here.