Possibility of starting multiple nodes while using one email for notifications?

Hello all

I started hosting a storj node and I am planning on hosting multiple Storj nodes on different servers with different IPs.

Every node will has a unique identity generated by an Auth Token which is received from a unique email.

My question is when I start my nodes and enter their details can I use one email for all nodes so I can receive any disqualification or suspension notification emails regarding all nodes to that specific email.

I am talking about this command :

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --stop-timeout 300
-p 28967:28967
-e EMAIL="user@example.com" \

You can, but you actually also don’t need to use separate emails to get the tokens. You can get a new token on the same email after the previous one has been used to sign an identity.

Aha nice if that’s won’t cause me any future issues it will be much better!

I was using a storage vps with 1tb storage, now it was upgraded to 4tb but my node was down for almost a month.

Shall I destroy it and create a fresh node to avoid future issues? From now on there should be 0 upgrades and uptime should be maximum.

You can check how much you are sacrificing by reading the “held amount” in your storagenode dashboard

1 month offline is no problem. Just start it up again if all files are still there.

It was a new node, about 3 weeks old before shutting down so not a problem.

I just went along and reinstalled OS, I don’t want to have some corrupted data after the host increased disk space, or risking having bad reputation on one of the satellites.