Possibility to use nested buckets (without S3 gateway)

When will it be possible to create nested directories with Tardigrade? Please WITHOUT S3 gateway.

I would also really like to know if it will soon be possible to use Tardigrade as e.g. rsync. I really don’t like tinkering with the gateway. Sorry

You can do it right now:

./uplink cp ./used_serial.db-shm sj://test1/nested/used_serial.db-shm

Created sj://test1/nested/used_serial.db-shm

wow it works realy.

Now i need a bash script to copy whole directory structure in one script.

Ok Made it with…

find . -type f -exec /home/juerg/uplink_linux_amd64 cp ‘{}’ sj://backup-home-test/nested/’{}’ ;