Possible added value of DDR5 for STORJ-Machines

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currently I’m planning a new build for a STORJ-Machine with Z790 and DDR5. Do you think DDR5-5600 has a better performance regarding STORJ? The bandwith to DDR4-3200 is way higher but also the latency. Also the single-bit ECC or on-die-ECC is great and should be the stability.

What do you think about DDR5-5600? Would it be better than DDR4-3200? Does anyone have experiences?

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It will be no difference, as storj not rely on ram speed.


If you want to spend more money on hardware, for almost all use cases (storage nodes including) it is better to have more RAM than faster RAM.


My expierience is, that this setup solely for STORJ will never go profitable.

If its the case that you are building a Gaming PC and want to run Storj on it, like me, who had already serveral services running 24/7, then im here to help.

So what games do you plan to Play?

Just a note: The latency, if measured in nanoseconds, is the same for all RAM generations based on DDR technology (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5): approximately 15 nanoseconds. DDR was first introduced in year 1998 (25 years ago). See for example: The Difference Between RAM Speed and CAS Latency | Crucial.com


Ddr3 works fine for storj

I will have to try it out. Some founders have to do the innovations. :sunglasses:

Luckily it has also On-Die-ECC (ODECC), this comes in handy for some type of error correction.

Every DDR5 has On-Die-ECC. This has little to do with real server RDIMM ECC memory and is more to combat the inherit problems of DDR5.

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