Possible bug in the system with zkSync payments


Last night I was online when payment was processed. After that immediately europe-west-1.tardigrade.io showed 50% online.
I have 0 error lines in my log file for the last few days, so it must be something else. So I’ve checked the API and:

So from this information it seems I have a failed audit. That’s ok with me, shit happens, but my other two nodes (that were NOT opted for zkSync payment) did not fail. They still have 100% online rank.

@Alexey is it possible that processing zkSync payments to interfere with audits? In my case both were done at the same time.

It seems that failed audit was on 27th Feb and successful one on 4th of March.
Interesting then, why it showed 100% online until that point.

Payment and audit have the same relation as 2 zip codes … in 2 different cities…that are in 2 different countries…which are on 2 different continents.


It’s not possible. Any coincidence must be considered as random.

If you talking about online score, then it’s dropped when the satellite is come to audit your node, but your node is not responding. Such an audit is considered as offline.
As soon as your node become online, the online score would increase, but not so fast as falls - it requires to be online for the next 30 days to recover.

If you mean an audit score, then if it fall below 60% your node must be disqualified. So, since you didn’t mention that, I would assume that you talking about the online score.
Keep your node online, and online score should recover.
Please note, to recover the node need to be 30 days online after every offline incident.