Possible to change Node Email address?

Is it possible to change the SNO email address without destroying the identity?

Yes, you can easily change the address, just like any other parameter in the docker run command.

If you want to change any of your parameters, such as payout address, allotted storage space, bandwidth, etc., just stop the container: docker stop -t 300 storagenode
then remove the container: docker rm storagenode
and then run the container again, after editing the parameter that has changed, in your case
-e EMAIL="user@example.com"



When registering, i was using different e-mail address’es from different domains to different nodes. Few months ago i’ve changed all e-mails for my nodes (in docker command line). But looks like it is not working. I still receiving e-mail from Storj Labs (hello@storj.io) to all old e-mail address’es and nothing to the new ones.

I suggest you use the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the unwanted emails you received to the addresses you no longer want to receive these emails for. Changing the email address just on the node will not automatically unsubscribe you from emails.

@heunland ok, i can unsubscribe. What about subscribing? It also haven’t worked after changed the addresses. And will i get notifications or news? As new mailbox is empty, nothing is coming in. No information about scheduled downtime and maintenance works.

I don´t believe we are currently sending out email reminders about updating your node. We are using a rolling update process now, so any alert notices in any case should not arrive until after we have finished the full rollout process. I have notified our marketing team to follow up to implement that existing subscriptions should get changed to the new email address if a SNO changes it on their node, in case they have not done so already.

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