Possible to disable auto-update checker in Docker?

Is it possible to disable the auto-update checker for node? I would prefer to update manually. I’m looking for something that can be added to the docker run command, like --disable.auto-updates=true . Thank you for help!

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Yes, it is possible. However, this is not a supported configuration, and so there is no documentation on this topic.

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Do you have any idea about what I should do to prevent the automatic storagenode-updater from running? Can I set it to check once per week?

I’ve noticed that my node stops a few times per day simply because of the version checker. The disk load gets much worse after each checkup.

The only solution for me right now is to stop the node and start it again. That way, the traffic is just like before the version check. But I can’t do that every few hours.

Seems unlikely the version check would cause your nose to stop. Perhaps you have a performance issue of some kind.

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Please post the fatal error which causes to stop the node.
I guess it’s the same as here: Fatal Error on my Node, it’s a performance error.

Thanks, i will check log for errors and post it here. I assume it’s really a HDD usage problem (overloaded disk).