Possible to rename "Storjling" to "Storj Labs Employee"?

I’ve been on these forums for close to a year, and just today it was finally explained to me that the made up word “Storjling” is meant to indicate that the person works for Storj Labs. Depending on the context,this can be really useful information to forum users (especially newbies), but using a neologism like “Storjling” does not communicate useful information to the uninitiated.

Possible to just change it to state what it means?


I, personally, love that tag. It’s unique and conveys what it’s supposed to mean.


I always thought I was a “Storjling” as somebody new to the platform. “-ling” conveys “young” to me.

Why not simply state what is intended? As people learning about new technology and cryptocurrency and blockchains, we are already overloaded with new terms we have to learn. Again, it’s been almost a year, and I’m just today learning that a number of the people I’ve been communicating with who I thought were fellow SNOs are in fact staff. It’s not a huge problem, but it’s embarrassing. To be moving around a social space and miss the cues about who fits in where is unsettling, and tends to make a space feel less welcoming to newcomers.

But, enough of my opinion. Maybe others will weigh in too. I’m especially curious about how it reads to non-native English speakers.


I tend to agree as it would add to transparency. However doesn’t have every community member from Storjlabs that little Storj watermark icon on his profile picture? So I think they can be spotted.


A bigger naming issue to me is “uplink”. IMO it should be called sjcmd, sj, sjcli, or something like that.

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There are already so many badges, it’s a lot to learn, and I think most of us are here to learn about decentralized storage, not the intricacies of forum software. Yes, it was also explained to me this icon reflects employment by Storj Labs…but the fact that it had to be explained, many months into using the forums, is what I see as a problem. Simply stating “Storj Staff” or “Storj Employee” would solve any confusion very neatly.

I don’t know what any of those words mean (or where you’re finding them!) Maybe a separate thread for that?

This isn’t completely accurate. We can choose from a few different names. Alexey, Bre, and I are Leaders. And we work for Storj Labs. I don’t want to say we are “Employees” because different people work under different terms with the company. Some are contract workers, and others are full time, and some are a mix. We also have Developers that post here.

Typically, if you see the Storj logo next to our icon, this indicates we work for the company.

That being said, Jocelyn and I did discuss changing these titles around to be more clear. Some of the way these things were laid out were based on initiatives that are stalled or being re-prioritized. I would personally prefer to have titles setup to indicate better who people are in the company. For instance Heunland is the Customer Success Manager and has been with the company almost since inception. She should have a more accurate title than Storjling in my opinion. At the same time, I don’t think we want 500 employee titles. It’s something the team can discuss and work out for what makes sense.

We’re hiring a developer evangelist and we may wait for their input. But thanks for pointing this out! We appreciate the feedback.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

For what it’s worth, I don’t know what a “Leader” is either. Please keep in mind, the forum software you use introduces lots of its own jargon, which ends up getting muddled with the organizational jargon. Without clear information I can find, I’d tend to assume that something like “Storjling” or “Leader” simply reflects that a person has accumulated a lot of badges in the forum or something like that.

Makes sense. “Storj staff”?

I understand this now, but it had to be explained to me. I’m not really worried about myself (I understand what it all means now), I’m trying to point out that new users (which I think Storj Labs has the intention of recruiting and retaining) will tend to have the same difficulty I did.

Makes good sense! Thank you for considering this.


Community Leaders. We are selected from the Community, thus we are integral part of the Community. And historically we much more close to the Community than to the company. However we “belongs” both.


I must say that “Storjling” doesn’t make sense to me.
Especially because as a non-native, “ling” has no meaning to me, and “ing” is simply a way to conjugate verbs so they depict an ongoing action…

I just happened to understand (thx to a post or two) that it was a way to describe people working for Storj. But to this day I still don’t get what subtle meaning this word is supposed to convey, to be honest ^^

EDIT: Well thanks to @BrightSilence’s definition below, now I do I guess :wink:

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-ling noun suffix
Definition of -ling
one connected with or having the quality of
Eg: hireling