Possible to see current network size? And who covers costs for hosting 150GB free packages?

Possible to somehow see current network capacity? As I see, Storj said in 2020 that network size is 100PB. Am curious if is now raising in EiB or is still around 100PB?

I’m really interested in storage-node investment, but can’t find information about current capacity and usage.

One more question comes in my mind too: Who covers costs for free 150GB users?

I assume that “free package” fee is covered through rewards mathematics - so that paid users covers that expenses?

For now Storj looks pretty amazing project and would like to know more details.

Hi @dzeto
I’m not sure where you saw that 100PB figure but it’s not correct.

You can see the current network stats from here - https://stats.storjshare.io/

There is also a history of those stats here - https://storjstats.info/

The free account is paid for by Storj using the token reserves. Storj is still a technology startup so is still growing and not visibly profitable as yet.


Perfect. Thank you for provided links and information about free accounts.