Post hidden by community flags

One of my posts just got hidden because it was flagged as “inappropriate”.

Now I wonder, how many flags from snowflakes forum members are needed to get a tongue-in-cheek comment hidden? I might understand that my comment seen out of context could remotely offend somebody, but in context with the post I quoted it’s quite laughable in my eyes.

So what is the process of this? Is it enough, if 1 or 2 people get offended to hide a post? How can it be unhidden. Wouldn’t it be enough to hide the post from these people’s view?

I’m not talking about using abusive or foul language, it was just a tongue-in-cheek comment. Here’s the link, if somebody wants to read the post in question.


Wow! Your post was flagged because you called windows users guinea pigs?

That’s pretty insane.


wow…weird… seen a lot worse posts.

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A google search turned up this result(linked below) from a website that seems to be using the same forum software as storj. I don’t know if they are using the exact same configuration settings as the storj forum though. It mentions that:

The author can edit the post, it will then be un-hidden and nothing else happens. No harm no foul, and notably no formal moderators action is required.

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Yeah, I got a message from the system saying that. But I’m not planning to edit my post and give in to 1 (or more?) hyper sensitive people. I might edit it and add a space though :wink:

I was more interested in to know how many flags are needed to hide a post. It would be insane if one flag would be enough. May I use you as guinea pig :grin: and flag your answer? This way we will know if it’s more than 1…

flagged your post (this one) as inappropriate :wink: now you’re the guniea pig.

Edit: As your post is still there it definitely needs more than 1 flag.

I don’t care. It might notify the forum mods though. They might care.

I think it’s hidden after 2 flags. But I honestly think this is just a misunderstanding of your post. There was clearly no bad intent there. Flags do indeed notify moderators as well, but in cases like this that really is only useful, because they could probably remove the flags.

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Usually community give a feedback by flagging a post.
If you edit your post, it will be unhidden automatically. Perhaps some Windows user do not want to be called guinea pigs? :slight_smile:


Maybe they shouldn’t be using Windows then… :wink:


We are welcome for any users with any OS, we are friendly community, are we?

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Yeah, but this didn’t seem like an attack towards windows users, but rather just a statement of fact that the first users to get an update are effectively use to test it in wider roll out. At least that’s the way I read it.

This was not the sentiment I got from @donald.m.motsinger’s original post. And… I also don’t agree with this.
All OS’s are indeed welcome and any OS that will get the native binaries and the storagenode updater in the future would take part in the first few phased updates from time to time. Effectively anyone can be a guinea pig. That’s not an insult. And it’s not a battle of the OS’s thing, but rather a choice to start with a small number of random nodes, which isn’t possible through docker.

You did all see the wink at the end of my post, yes?

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I have noticed that many users here don’t have English as their first language. Perhaps some just saw the words “Windows” and “pig”, and assumed that it had to be a “Mac vs PC war” insult, or something. IDK, I wouldn’t read too much into it.