Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

What are you doing here? here for publishing photos

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I have moved my home toy server to the new case (Fractal Node 804) and added new disks, so this one currently has 3x18TB + 3x20TB Toshiba disks. The case has free space for 4 more disks, 5 with bit of tweaking the case (currently there are 5 unused SATA ports).

It is running Debian on Ryzen 5 4600 CPU with 32 GB of RAM. It has 6 sata connectors on mainboard + 6 on PCI extender card.

To my surprise, it draws less than 60W, which is not ideal since it is powered with Seasonic Focus+ 550W source…


3D printed MATX 6Bay case
6 * 3T SAS HDD


That looks really nice

Next time you gotta print that case in all purple :slight_smile:

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Very interesting rack!
Are those two “towers” connected to each other by default. Or only equipment/shelf is what connecting them together?

Moved 3 Nodes from VPSs to my home, increased from 1.5 TB and 2x3.4 TB to 12TB each.

PC is odroid h3.


I like the dust cover. Smart move! :grin:

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  • Synology DS1621xs+
  • Syba 8 Bay USB 3.0 Enclosure SY-ENC50119
  • 7 HDDs: 3 in Synology, 4 in Syba. 60+ TB total, about half used for StorJ.
  • UPS: APC ES 550G
  • ATT 300Mbps symmetric Internet (can be upgraded to 1Gbps symmetric)

Synology is mostly used for IT-services of the local Non-profit.
Also, I’m running Video Surveilance on Synology.
So, StorJ is running as additional load on the side.

Currently getting ~$60-70 a month. Eventually I may add more HDDs in Syba.

I read warnings about unreliability of hosting on USB drives. Can confirm: yes, there are issues specific to USB, so generally - I wouldn’t recommend it. Works ok in my case… Here is an example of up/download rates:

========== DOWNLOAD ===========
Failed:                8
Fail Rate:             0.122%
Canceled:              80
Cancel Rate:           1.224%
Successful:            6449
Success Rate:          98.654%
========== UPLOAD =============
Rejected:              0
Acceptance Rate:       100.000%
---------- accepted -----------
Failed:                234
Fail Rate:             1.725%
Canceled:              1
Cancel Rate:           0.007%
Successful:            13330
Success Rate:          98.268%

Can you post more pics please? I want to print something like this, i have a sunlu t3

Is it possible to use PLA for this, or will the HDD‘s get too hot?

Just ask @shellbreaker .?

I have printed some enclosures to hold 24/7 passive cooled 3.5 HDDs with PLA. HDDs had up to 50° C at the summer. No problem. I made the walls of the enclosure bit thicker (8 mm) to be sure, it will not bend because the temperature.

PLA does not get liquid at 60 degrees, its glass transition curve is not very steep, so this was expected.

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Does the Syba shut down, when the connected host shuts down or does it keep running?

No, there is no way to shutdown Syba via Software.

It can be shutdown only by pressing buttons (each drive has it’s own shutdown button).

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HP Proliant dl360 g7

2x xenon x5650

16gb ecc ram

Running truenas scale with storj installed

I have one terabyte of storage for storj and one for nas use

Yea it looks jank because I don’t have extra hard drive caddy’s so I used cardboard underneath the drives to raise it high enough in order to connect on the back plane also to prevent shorting from the hdds motherboard to the metal chassis (yeah blue painters tape lol, that’s for proper air flow and there’s a section cut off to see the activity light)

So that’s my rig ,also am new to the whole
Storj node operation and owning a server (I’ve bought this simply to have a nas and to learn about server stuff) But so far so good


First node was an mini pc with usb hdd. (not the best idea)

Here my second Node:

Gigabyte X570 UD
R9 3900X generously watercooled with aio
32GB DDR4(3200) tested for errors
Windows11 on Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SATA SSD
For giggles: new 1TB 970 EVO Plus M2
For StorJ: new Toshiba 20TB MAMR Drive 512Mb persistent writecache
Radeon 5500 GPU

Aka: My GamingPC.


How noisy is the G7? I had two 360 G5’s in my lab for a while. The wife hated them as they were incredibly loud.

Well on normal power setting (the balanced profile on the bios) it can get a bit loud depending on how much am really using those x5650s. but for my use case I have my g7 on low power setting and only one core to be enabled (two cores total since I have two x5650s) which is fine since am running just a basic Nas plus storj nothing crazy. on low power mode itself and especially the configuration am running, the server fans basically run at minimum which its very quiet. so basically, i played around on the power profile and core disable option to find that sweet spot on how quiet it runs and the performance I needed.

(I’ve also replaced the thermal paste on both CPUs and the chip set with mx-6 to really get it running quiet and cool)

I hope that answered your question :slightly_smiling_face:

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