Potential customers

Have you ever thought and reached out to potential customers:


These would be very good to offer Tardigrade integration.

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I can reach out, thanks for the head up. If you have any direct connections over there, be sure to tell them about your experience with Tardigrade personally!!

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Hello. I am sorry I do not have direct connections to them.
But these kind of products I think are a perfect match for Tardigrade.
Maybe they could even team up with Storj and sell Tardigrade cloud space through their products.

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Likewise with https://www.msp360.com/

You can use their products if you use the S3 gateway but it would be much better if they integrated directly.

I also don’t have any connections with them other than being a customer.

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Reach out to shodan.io.
According to their blog posting they are storing petabytes of data:


We own hundreds of servers storing Petabytes of data and have more than 3 million registered users.

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